Ordering Instructions

– Gather all of your photos or digital prints.  Place them in the order that you would like them viewed.  For photos, please indicate order of appearance by attaching a numbered sticky note to the back of the photo.  For digital prints, rename the file sequentially.

– For all other documentation that you would like included in your slideshow, please send copies.

– If you want to include music in your slideshow, please send the original CD.  Federal copyright laws requires that Creative Photo Keepsake only use legally acquired music.  If you do not own the music that you want to include, Creative Photo Keepsake can purchase the song ($1.00 per song, per DVD copy) on your behalf.

– If you mail items to us, please remember to get insurance and a tracking number.  Otherwise, you can send digital prints by email (info@creativephotokeepsake.com) and we can purchase music for you.  You can conveniently provide your instructions on the Place Order Page.

– During the slideshow creation process, you’re encouraged to contact us if any questions or concerns.  It takes approximately 2 weeks to create your DVD slideshow.  Once the show is created, you will be provided with an online preview to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction.

– Once you’ve approved the slideshow, we will begin to render your slideshow to DVD.  You will also receive an email invoice.  Upon payment confirmation, all items mailed to us will be returned to you along with your DVD slideshow.  Also, all music purchased on your behalf will be sent to you as well.


 If you are unclear about the ordering process or if you have additional questions, please call
1-866-439-9397 or complete the form below.  Thanks!


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